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Welcome to Annex Infotech

Annex Infotech is a Busy Accounting Software Solutions Provider with range of services. Our focus is based on Corporate customer "Value" through high Quality Implement and Solutions. Annex Infotech has been one of the best practices with our Client-Centric Model for customer management and Solution.

Since then it is engaged in:

  • Channel Partner in Busy Accounting Software
  • Channel/Reseller/Trading in BUSY Accounting Software
  • Training & Implimataton in Busy Accounting Software
  • Service & Support in Busy Accounting Software
  • Customised in Busy Accounting Software
  • Annex Infotech has acquired excellence in delivering services to the clients in India as well as off-shore with an enhanced level of customer satisfaction by offering superior Inbound and Outbound Services. Annex Infotech has a young, dynamic and highly motivated team, which is skill-rich and inspired to take on new challenges. Annex Infotech is a one stop shop for all your software needs and applications. Our products and services will add tremendous value to your company with their quality, cost

    effectiveness, and applicability. It offers a wide array of customized solutions. We are highly responsive and are always ready to discuss intricate project details with you to deliver the desired project outcome.
    Software and Application Development is our main Service Area. We possess industry’s most comprehensive species of multi channel business applications and services. We constantly thrive for the maximum quality. For us there are no ‘small customers’; rather each of them is ‘another valued one’. Annex Infotech has developed the e-roadmap for maximizing an organization’s e-business investment comprised of all phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). As far as technology is concerned, we are always ready to help your business flourish with effective and affordable customized solutions that exactly meet your process needs